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Carbon conscious is a planning and public engagement framework designed to reduce the impacts of climate change through climate action policies, mindful resource planning, community engagement and sustainable practices.

Members of the carbon conscious community have unique access to a comprehensive turnkey program that enables communities to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by promoting 18 key contributors to sustainability, including waste reduction, green building techniques, energy and water conservation, municipal infrastructure, environmental justice and community outreach. The carbon conscious framework includes the ability to leverage available grant funding opportunities and is scalable to fit the specific needs of any jurisdiction.

Track your carbon footprint with our carbon counter.

Track your greenhouse gas emissions with our carbon counter.

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Our members are council and board members, supervisors, planning directors, city managers, LEED accredited specialists, grant writers, public relations professionals, environmental and transportation experts and climate change authorities, all of whom are finding new and unique ways to facilitate GHG reductions and sustainable living in their own communities through policy, long-range planning, water conservation and municipal operations.

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