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One of the greatest challenges to climate action planning and implementation is funding availability. Carbon conscious provides members information on grants, rebates and low-interest loan programs designed specifically for local climate action plans, greenhouse gas inventories, public outreach programs and projects that reduce GHG emissions.

Carbon conscious grant writing and management services also save members time and money. Each major source of funding, including public agencies, nonprofit organizations and corporations, has its own detailed application process, program requirements and verification procedures. Members have access to experienced staff who can locate the most beneficial funding sources and can convey the necessity of your project to grant providers.

**NEW: PMC offers Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) administration, monitoring and reporting support services for entitlement cities and counties. PMC can tailor its level of support to meet your needs. From as-needed technical assistance to staff training to full-service reporting and compliance services, PMC is available to ensure accurate, timely, and legally compliant administration and reporting of the EECBG program. Download our helpful calendar with key EECBG reporting deadlines, reminders, and tips.

Click on one of the categories below to view current funding opportunities. Please note that some of these opportunities are specific to a state or region.


California Strategic Growth Council Sustainable Communities Grants

Due Date: April 2010

The State of California allocated over $145 million in Proposition 84 funds to three grant programs benefiting local and regional sustainability initiatives. Applications will be available in February of 2010 for the three Sustainable Communities Grant programs, which include a planning grant, an urban greening plan grant, and an urban greening project grant.

Guidelines can be found on the California Strategic Growth Council website. Local and regional agencies are encouraged to comment on the draft guidelines through January. The PMC grant fact sheet has additional information on this opportunity.

Transportation Planning Grant Program

Due date: varies

Transportation Planning Grant funds are available for planning projects that improve mobility and lead to the planning, programming, and implementation of transportation improvement projects. Application dates vary, but additional information is available on the Caltrans website.


Energy Conservation Assistance Account Program (ECAA)

The California Energy Commission (CEC) offers 1-3 percent interest loans to help local jurisdictions, public schools, public colleges and public hospitals invest in energy efficiency as part of the Energy Conservation Assistance Account (ECAA) Program. For more information, please visit the CEC ECAA website.

Rebates and Incentives

The California Solar Initiative

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) adopted the California Solar Initiative to provide more than $3 billion in incentives for solar energy projects on existing and new residential and nonresidential buildings. The program offers expected performance-based buydowns for solar electricity and solar thermal installations. For more information on applying for the buydown program, please visit the CPUC Go Solar website.

California?ÇÖs Rebate Program for Wind & Fuel Cell Renewable Energy Electric-Generating Systems

The California Energy Commission offers cash rebates for small-scale wind and fuel cell renewable energy installations through their Emerging Renewables Program (ERP). For more information and to apply, please visit the Consumer Energy Center.

Assistance Programs

California Energy Commission Bright Schools Program

The Bright Schools Program helps California K-12 school districts and nonprofit schools reduce energy costs in their facilities. The program assists in conducting energy audits, reviewing existing proposals and designs, and developing equipment performance specifications. For more information and to apply for assistance, please visit the Bright Schools Program website.

California Energy Commission Energy Partnership Program

The Energy Partnership Program assists California cities, counties, special districts, and public or nonprofit hospitals, public care facilities, and colleges/universities to reduce energy costs in their facilities. The program assists in conducting energy audits, reviewing existing proposals and designs, and developing equipment performance specifications. For more information and to apply, please visit the Energy Partnership Program website.